The Wrath Of The Lich King

LoL ~ Didn’t get to post last few days due to the release of the long awaited expansion of WoW which is WotLK.

I got mine and started playing as the new hero class which is Death Knight =) It’s a very cool class.
Sadly it has a very loooong queue time during peak hours which goes up to 1.5kWoW

It will take around 1 and a half hour before you can play after you log in 😦

So play during non-peak hours ❤

Back to work , there is a girl that joined and work for 4 days before she resign . She didn’t expect working in Starbucks have to do a lot of works , I think she thought that we only had to make the drinks and there is a cleaner to clean the place up but she is wrong and she started to show the signs that she will be leaving and damn it was right.
Hope we can get a steady partner soon =P


There is always a problem ~

I been working in Starbucks for the past 6 months and there is a lot of ups and downs , most of them are pretty much common there a few rare ones . But nothing beats the one I encounter today.
Everything seems so normal today when a woman came in a order a black coffee with milk. Normally we leave some room in the cup for the customer to pour the milk but it won’t look too empty. When I thought nothing gonna happen ….. I was wrong !!

The customer asked my partner and complainned there is too much coffee and after my partner answered ” Since you paid so much , I should give you a full cup. It will be rude for my to serve you a half empty cup”

And you know what ? She still not satisfy with the answer and made a big fuss over it with loud voice till other customers could hear it . Luckily most of the customer at that time is our regulars , even 1 regular said that Wow… even when people gave you extra , you still complain.

Till now , I never complainned of anything which is too much and even if I did , I won’t make a big fuss about it . Remember folks , Don’t bite the hand that feed you. xD

It’s been loooong

I guess it’s not that hard to take around 10mins of our life everyday to post something here eh ? 🙂

Hope I can do it quite often tho.

Thanks to our stupid genius goverment , Our current petrol price is at Rm2.20 /liter . Well , the petrol dropped but has our daily usages and our food gone down with it ? No 😦
Going to change the layout soon xD


As everyone know , our petrol price has just gone up by around 40% from RM1.92 per liter to RM2.7.

If we pump RM50 , we gonna pay RM70 for the same stuff.
When Dan 1st told me about I thought he is fooling around cos I been checking the news around 6pm and there is nothing about petrol hike (He told me around 6:40pm). I thought he must be kidding but then again , he never fool around with these kind of things. To my dismay it is announced around 6:20 pm after I closed the webs for daily news updates.

This petrol hike caused a lot of serious jam around Penang arounds every roads that lead to a petrol station.

I tried to queue to get cheaper petrol but after estimating it will take more than 45mins to get there I decided not to waste my time . If you think rationally , the time + petrol (while queuing to station) wasted on it , It’s not worthwhile.
This petrol hike has created brainless drivers, they turned a 2 lane road into a 1 way, Below are the pics I took when I’m driving to work after trying to get petrol near Midlands when the other nearby places is full.

See the buses coming from the opposite direction and coming out from my lane ? I thought the buses is doing a U-Turn but it’s not LOL !!!

IMO….I think the government is trying to get all the money they can get before the government is changed next election 😦

Phew ~~~~~

Finally sometime off to write some stuffs xD

Been busy working and partying. Recently had a combo birthday party for , Joseph-28th, Edgar-29th & Morgan-30th. 1st party that we had more alcohol then foods, we had chickens,lambs & frankfurter to BBQ  and ready to eat noodles , fried rice , salads & a special mushroom pork made by Dieter ❤

The drinking chart is something like below

Beer -> Wine -> Baileys / Kahlua / Malibu / Sheridan -> Hard liquor ( Jack Daniels) -> XO (Remy Martin I think)

Had a really great party during that day thanks for everyone to make it come true.

About the work , I’m going to the “Bar Class” where they would teach me what to do and what not . Mostly the handicraft things that could affect the quality of the drinks (Espresso / Steaming Milk). After I master those , I could make magic to your drinks at certain time . From small to large & cloning from 1 to 2 cups 😛

By the way , starting tomorrow there is a new promotion for a month with new drinks (Dark Mocha Blended) and lots of cool limited edition of tumbler & mugs. The Dark Mocha tastes like blended chocolate to me and if you got any merchandise you would like to buy, ask me to buy it for you cause you can get a 30% discount.

Good Day to all

my off day tomorrow

yay !!!!

Happy Mother’s Day ~~~

It’s been a while since I started to work at starbucks, It’s a long journey even for the beginning.

I was supposed to attend a class held by the company for new partners (they call everyone working in starbucks ‘Partners’) but it was canceled due to not enough people. By the end of the 2 day class , I will be able to fully know what to do and how to do drinks and mostly everything in the store.

Since I’m unable to attend those classes , I have to learn everything the hard way and trust me it’s really HARD !!

Up to today I’m able to open & close the store , make blended drinks and call out their names. Calling out their names isn’t easy if you don’t understand anything about starbucks it took me couple of days of learning and practicing it to be able to call out it correctly but not yet perfect.

The store manager is a very strict woman , she will screwed you when you make mistake but she doesn’t carry forward it to the next day. On how strict she is , there is a new partner which started working almost as the same time as I did and she worked with the store manager while I didn’t. What happened to her ?

She resigned after 1 week due to the store manager’s critic 😦

But I have to say, our store manager is a very good teacher even though she sometimes can be very sarcastic and today she is very happy to see that I’m able to call out and mark the drinks properly than a few days before where I couldn’t get anything right. Cheers ~~~

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers or mothers to be 😛

A Great Day ~~~

I woke up early today and had a great breakfast after such a long time. After a wonderful breakfast at Floating Mosque , near the entrance to Batu Ferringi. The food is some kind of malay nasi kandar but better than the commercial type like Kayu. They also have a special Roti Canai that solds out before 10 am 🙂
After a great breakfast, I went to catch the show that everyone ( or mostly :D) is waiting for , Iron Man !!

I like the story on how Iron Man was made , the story went so smooth that is might actually happen one day but I doubt it. Even it was a 12pm show , it was very crowded with parents with their little children. It’s a very good show but I don’t think I would watch it a 2nd time. ‘Be Kind Rewind’ is a show that I wouldn’t mind watching as many times as I could.

As for my work , I been working for 2 days so far. Both on morning shift, I learned how to open and setup the shop to get ready for business for the day. Island Plaza Branch of Starbucks mostly have regular customers, by I meant regulars , they come mostly everyday for the same very drink !!

Since I don’t know how to make the drinks which I would learn on how to do on 5th ( E-gate ) & 6th ( Borders) of May. They let me work on 4hours a day and I’m entitled to 1cup of drink which I could choose. 2 Drinks for 6 hours and 3 for 8 hours.

BEWARE ~~ After working in Starbucks , I lost the urge to drink Nescafe 😦

Anyway , Happy Labor Day today and Happy Sasi Day tomorrow 🙂